About Me

  • Born in Panama City and then experiencing life across the globe has definitely shaped who I am and I remember continuously drawing from an early age determined to achieve a likeness to a plethora of varying objects. However, I did not consider painting as my profession until twenty years later.
  • With no formal training I had the luxury of not knowing what was right or wrong and could both follow and form my own route. I have been inspired in the past by children’s imaginations and how they can take both the artist and viewer anywhere. I am also interested in movement and finding the beauty in things that may originally seem rough or wild. The aim is to create something from its seemingly ordinary beginnings and to take it to the realms of the extraordinary.
  • Recent bodies of my work have had ‘ballerinas’ at their heart – the female form in brutally peak and beautiful condition. Having gone through such effort and endless arduous training to execute something so pure and intricately elegant is an interesting thing to mirror through paint.
  • Similarly, I have executed a series of Rodeo paintings. My goal has been to capture some focus on these wild animals trying to be ridden for a matter of seconds by a madman in the blur of movement. There is almost a cruelty to it along with it being so close to a fine dance.